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Mistress of Her Domain?


Oh, that Atrios.  He made me spew my tea on this one:

A genuinely relevant political article in the New York Times would involve a detailed examination of the sex lives of all non-married members of the Bush administration. Abstinence-only education is a key policy feature of the Bush administration, and it would certainly be legitimate to ask if they are, in fact, saving it.

So, hmmmmmmm…Condi? Joshua Bolten? Harriet Miers? Who am I missing?

I mean, honestly, it’s not that I really care if Condi — she of the domi-Matrix ensemble — is the Mistress of Her Domain or anything…but wouldn’t the responsible thing for the NYTimes to do after today’s "Bill and Hil’ Are They or Aren’t They" festival be to start asking.  If this is the sort of thing they deem appropriate journalism — wouldn’t it be appropriate to see which single Administration employees are keeping the aspirin firmly ensconsed between their knees?  Especially given the high profile of "abstinance only" education that the Bush Administration has been pushing.

C’mon who’s walking the walk (so to speak) and not just full of hot air?

(Does anyone else see how ridiculous this could get, if they keep going down this "journalistic" path?)

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