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Late Nite FDL: The Return of the Speculum Set


I got to Oklahoma today and while my mom and I were in line at the grocery store I got to thumb through the tabloids.  On the cover of the Globe:

George and Laura Bush’s marriage has collapsed as his approval ratings plummet and a host of mounting personal problems rip the first couple apart and push them to secretly lead separate lives!

GLOBE has learned that while George and Laura still appear as the first couple at various public functions, they hardly speak to one another in private and don’t even want to be in the same room together.

"When the cameras aren’t on, they have nothing to do with one another," a longtime friend confides to GLOBE.  "There’s no interaction at all."

"For all practical purposes, they’ve broken up."

Soon, however, Mom and I were home and per Christy I had a look on the high minded front page of the Newspaper of Record:

The dynamics of a couple’s marriage are hard to gauge from the outside, even for a couple as well known as the Clintons. But interviews with some 50 people and a review of their respective activities show that since leaving the White House, Bill and Hillary Clinton have built largely separate lives — partly because of the demands of their distinct career paths and partly as a result of political calculations.

The effect has been to raise Senator Clinton’s profile on the public radar while somewhat toning down Mr. Clinton’s; he has told friends that his No. 1 priority is not to cause her any trouble. They appear in the public spotlight methodically and carefully: The goal is to position Mrs. Clinton to run for president not as a partner or a proxy, but as her own person.

Many of those interviewed were granted anonymity to discuss a relationship for which the Clintons have long sought a zone of privacy.

I’m actually going to give this one to the GLOBE.  Both publications are rolling around in the gutter for the benefit of their circulations, but at least the GLOBE has the guts not to lie prone exclusively before BushCo., unlike the beltway bores who are always looking for new and interesting ways to prostrate themselves. 

As many find themselves looking back in nostalgia for the Clinton years, I suppose it’s only natural that those who entertained themselves by obsessively inspecting every detail of Clintonian genitalia should return to that sport.  Ah good times.

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