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Clergy opposed to the marriage amendment piss off the fundies

It’s time to break out the tiny violin for our bible-thumping friends who are whining about the liberal clergy who are speaking out against the marriage amendment. From Don Wildmon’s “news organ”:

The proposed amendment that protects marriage as defined in the Bible, as the union of a man and a woman, is supported by Roman Catholic bishops and the Southern Baptist Convention. But Rev. Paul Simmons, a Baptist minister and University of Louisville professor, said the amendment “has the smell and feel of Salem,” comparing its supporters to the colonial Puritans who burned witches.

Simmons says he and many other clergy oppose a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. “There is a broad and profound opposition to the proposed amendment among religious people,” he noted. “The thunder of the Religious Right should be resisted as misguided and prejudicial.”

And Rev. Kenneth Samuel, a United Church of Christ pastor and NAACP chapter president in Georgia, said black pastors who oppose homosexual marriage have turned their backs on civil rights. “A lot of what goes on is also tied on to the faith-based initiative money,” Pastor Samuel said, “and I am sorry to say that many of our African-American clergy have been bought out.”

Amen. These pastors are demonstrating to the bigots that they do not have a monopoly on “values,” and the right wing zealots are pissed off.

Gary [Bat Boy] Bauer of the Campaign for Working Families is not concerned about the coalition of religious leaders who are lobbying against the marriage amendment. “I believe they’re way out of step with church-going Americans who, every study shows, overwhelmingly support keeping marriage as the union of one man and one woman,” he says.

…And Rob Schenck of the National Clergy Council says he is not surprised to see these groups and other liberal denominations speaking out against defining marriage as it is taught in the Bible. “This is completely predictable for this bunch,” says Schenck. “Every time anyone anywhere asserts traditional moral values or traditional biblical positions on anything — and most especially marriage and human sexuality — you can predict that this same group will parade out and oppose it.”

Schenck says these groups are not only on the wrong side of Christian doctrine and the wrong side of what he calls “the moral divide,” but also on the wrong side of history. He believes that is why such groups are losing members. “While it’s lamentable, while it’s predictable, in the end it only makes them even more irrelevant than they are,” he states.

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