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Latest polling on same-sex marriage

The Gallup organization released a poll today, part of its annual Values and Beliefs survey, on the popularity of a prospective marriage amendment as well as the level of support for the right of gays and lesbians to marry.

As you can see, the bulk of Republican voters are, as expected, on the bible beater side of the issue. That 19% who support same-sex marriage must feel pretty lonely in their party…

Regarding a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, the organization’s poll found that two-thirds of Republicans (66%) were in favor of one, while a majority of Democrats (55%) were opposed.

The Pew Research Center’s findings from March are slightly different, but show the same overall trend.

And the trend in both Pew and Gallup’s polling over the last ten years explains why the Daddy Dobsons, Don Wildmons and their wannabes are acting out with such fury on the issue. Those numbers in the Independent category are more in alignment with Dems than Rethug in that first graphic, and that spells trouble for the AmTaliban. The wingers are trying to stop the boulder of fairness and public acceptance they see coming down the hill — they know that it is eventually going to crush their movement. They are not, however, going down without a fight.

Time is on our side overall — we simply need allies to speak out, more people to counter the hate and ignorance on the right, and to hold accountable both parties for their promotion of anti-gay bigots for office, or those who are only willing to support us in the shadows, begging for money while doing precious little publicly to change minds or counter the attacks from the religious zealots.


And while we’re chewing on numbers, Jon over at Pensito Review, reminds us about this Barna Group research study:

Among “born-again” Christians, 27 percent currently are divorced or previously have been divorced, compared with 24 percent among adults who are not “born again.”

Surprisingly, the Barna report said, the Christian group whose adherents have the highest likelihood of getting divorced are Baptists. The only group to surpass Baptists were Christians associated with non-denominational Protestant churches.

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