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KKK has homobigot Marilyn Musgrave's back

How about this for an endorsement from The Base — support for the work of Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO) coming from the bowels of the Knights Party of the Ku Klux Klan (“America’s Largest, Oldest, and Most Professional White Rights Organization – We Love you!” — no, I’m not linking to

These knuckle-draggers laud her for trumpeting for Homeschool Non-Discrimination Act, H.R. 2732, as well as a federal marriage amendment.

“I think there needs to be more acknowledgement and respect for the (home-schooling) movement,” Musgrave said.She added that she is looking for another major change. “This amends the child labor laws to allow these home-educated students to work during the day when they would normally be in school if they went to a public school,” Musgrave said. All these changes amount to one thing: leveling the playing field.

…Musgrave is working on behalf of tradional marriage. Musgrave told the Associated Press, “I am firmly committed to keeping marriage as it is now, between a woman and man.”

…Musgrave points out that the homosexual movement is now making use of the many liberal judges appointed during the Clinton administration. Homosexuals are going to unelected judges to get their way rather than going through the legislative process

Nothing is more frightening than the thought of members of the Klan homeschooling kids. What must those history lesson plans look like?

The KKK outfit is run out of Arkansas by Pastor Thomas Robb, who also has a video program that he bills as “The World’s First and Only Racialist Internet TV SHOW” featuring news updates on:

Negroes slashing tires at Republican campaign HQ – court case is over ……Mexican and Muslim protesters of Minutemen meeting in Chicago turn on police – court case review …..Physicians group makes powerful argument for why millions of so-called legal Mexicans in U.S. should not be citizens even though they were born here…..Good stewardship – is it too much for some to understand?….and much more!

And look at this bullsh*t from the site
( about AIDS:

The Centers for Disease Control recently reported that for the first time more black “heterosexuals” had the disease than gay white men did. This included any Hispanics with Negro blood. Hispanics of Caucasian ancestry were not affected severely.

Most people do not want to admit that AIDS is a racial disease. The biology of the races is different and they react to the virus differently when they are exposed to it.

…Remember, the national media talks about the high rate of AIDS among heterosexuals in order scare white people into donating to homosexual and inner city programs. The increase in heterosexual population is among non-white heterosexuals NOT white heterosexuals. Even white homosexuals have a natural immunity to the disease simply because of their race. They contract it however, because they continually expose themselves to the virus via their filthy lifestyle and in addition often sleep with non-white homosexuals.

How about that, Marilyn?

PageOneQ and Raw Story have more details…I wonder if Marilyn’s office has any comment?

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