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Jebbie may now support FL marriage amendment

The Rethugs continue to line up to suck off the right-wing bible beaters — Jebbie’s now climbing into bed with the extremist Florida Family Policy Council (another tool of Daddy Dobson whose face is plastered on its web site), appearing at a fundraiser for the organization.

Jeb’s sounds like he’s ready to support a state marriage amendment (he has publicly opposed it in the past, saying it was unnecessary). The wingers failed to gather enough signatures to get an amendment measure on the ballot, and now Jeb’s seeing the homo boogeyman threatening his state. (Sun-Sentinel):

At a fundraiser for the Florida Family Policy Council, a conservative group that backs such a ban, Bush said courts in other states overturning laws banning gay marriages have led him to the conclusion that a change to the Florida Constitution might be necessary.

“We may be at that point in our state,” he said.

The article also notes that this organization is the same group of ghouls that found to keep brain-dead Terri Schiavo on a feeding tube. What a bunch of winners and mainstream citizens. The FFPC has also been the recipient of a ton of money directly from the state GOP — that’s sick.

The governor is effectively fundraising for an organization that wants to put discrimination right into our constitution,” said Brian Winfield, an Equality Florida spokesman.

“It’s an embarrassment to have the Republicans cater to a rabid antigay group,” he said. “The governor is supposed to represent all Floridians, and I don’t believe that most people in Florida think like this group.”

The council’s petition to get a gay-marriage ban on the 2006 ballot fell short of the signatures needed, but it is on track for the 2008 ballot and has received $300,000 from the Republican Party.

Read some of the bleatings of the head of the FFPC — here is an example of one of the “pastor resources” on the Florida 4 Marriage web site — talking points to spew from the pulpit:

Top ten talking points about same sex marriage
By John Stemberger
President and general counsel, Florida Family Policy Council, Inc.

1) Collective wisdom-all the collective wisdom of human history, not to mention biology, logic and common sense shows us that marriage is designed to be between a man and a woman.

2) Creating same sex families-when you create a same sex marriage you are also creating a same sex family, and so the question now becomes what is in the best interests of children

3) Social experiment-same sex marriage subjects children to a vast untested social experiment

4) Socializing children-children need to grow up understanding the proper human relationships between a man and woman, a mother and father, and a husband and wife

5) Dads and moms matter-children need both a mother and a father. The two most loving moms can not be a dad and the two most loving dads can not be a mom and children need both

6) The research is clear-the research is crystal clear, children always do better in families with a mother and a father

7) Loving and civilized societies-a loving and civilized society always comes to the aid of fatherless and motherless families. But a loving and civilized society never intentionally creates fatherless and motherless families as a matter of law and public policy

8) If marriage means anything-if marriage can mean anything then marriage means nothing

9) Relationship buffet-no society ancient or modern has ever sustained itself with a buffet like mentality when it comes to marriage and family

10) Slippery slope-establishing same sex marriage as a fundamental right will undermine current polygamy laws and create a new legal precedent for anything goes forms of marriage

* much credit for many of these themes goes to the outstanding work of Glenn Stanton with Focus on the Family

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Pam Spaulding