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Why does Don Wildmon care about a student newspaper?

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The American Family Association’s unhinged bleating continues, this time in a breathless action alert:

Oregon student newspaper runs pictures of Jesus as a homosexual. It is time to speak out!

The Associated Students of the University of Oregon (ASUO) has refused to apologize for an obscene anti-Christian assault in the campus newspaper Insurgent.

The March edition of the Insurgent ran one of the strongest attacks on Christianity I have seen. The paper ran graphics depicting Jesus as a homosexual. One was a depiction of a naked Jesus on the cross with an erection; the other, titled Resurrection, showed a naked Jesus kissing another naked man, both sporting erections.

(To see the graphics, click here. We warn you that they are extremely offensive. We have pixilated out the private parts.) [Oh hell, here it is, with Don’s pixillation, even blurring out Jesus’s naughty bits on the cross.]:

When asked for an apology by Students of Faith, ASUO refused to give one saying that “there are no grounds for demanding an apology from Insurgent.” The ASUO went on to defend the publication saying that the newspaper contributes “to the cultural and physical development of the university community.”

The Insurgent would never show a naked graphic of the Rev. Martin Luther King kissing another man, both sporting erections. But offending Christians was of no concern to the Insurgent or to University President Dave Frohmayer.

The ASUO Women’s Center tolerates no defamation against gays and lesbians. Three years ago, ASUO demanded that the university radio station, KUGN, drop Michael Savage (a conservative talk show host). The university promptly discontinued the program. But depicting Jesus as a homosexual is perfectly OK.

Here is what Insurgent Student Editor Jessica Brown had to say about the graphics. “I have to say it is really fun to offend people. It is fun to break the rules. If it pi–es people off…good that’s the point!!! It has here in this office. So read, get pi–ed and talk about it.”

Incidentally, the University forces all students, including Christians, to pay student dues of $191.00 per term, part of which goes to support the Insurgent.

Art can be offensive and confrontational, but not in Wildmon’s World. Don goes on to ask his readers to email the governor to make him “aware of the growing anti-Christian bias in our country,” and, of course, Don asks his flock for more money.

Hat tip, Paul, who said
: “The Artist probably drives a Ford, too. Jesus Christ with a boner. What won’t those homos stoop to?”

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