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McCain heckled at commencement speech. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. (CNN):

Sen. John McCain was booed and heckled as he delivered the commencement address at The New School on Friday in New York.

The protesting students pointed to the Arizona Republican’s speech last week at the conservative Liberty University run by the Rev. Jerry Falwell as proof that McCain clashed with the school’s liberal ideals.

“McCain does not speak for me,” read orange signs held by dozens in the audience, while dozens more turned their backs for the duration of McCain’s speech.

…For his part, McCain stuck to his script, which was basically the same speech he delivered at Liberty University to a warm reception. In Manhattan, however, he was jeered when he told the 2,700 graduates and others in the audience that he “supported the decision to go to war in Iraq.

CNN has video of the students turning their backs and the booing.

Sucking up to the fundies and Dear Leader’s coming home to roost, Senator.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding