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The faith is weak

With all of the fundie power out there, why is their faith so weak that they have to send off freshly minted high school graduates with “assistance” to keep them on the morality wagon? (AgapePress):

“ConGRADulations!” is a “transition tool” for high school seniors that comes in the form of a CD and DVD. This year’s CD includes an online graduate devotional journal, interactive scrapbook, links to campus ministries, and 11 contemporary Christian songs that deal with the issues graduates are facing. It is put out by an organization called Interlinc, which works with 60,000 churches helping youth pastors use music and media in evangelism and discipleship of students.

The group’s founder and president, Allen Weed, says ConGRADulations! targets young people who often leave their parents’ faith to find one of their own.

…”It’s a real deep project,” Weed explains. “It’s sort of a book in songs and video. It’s got a lot of biblical content that we believe will get used. A kid might leave his books at home when he leaves home to go to school, but he’s going to take his music collection and his DVD collection with him.”

What do you get in the ConGRADulations! packet? A backpack full of goodies to keep young grads right with religion as they enter the den of sin — college.

With over 800,000 copies given to grads by 20,000 churches, ConGRADulations! is the # 1 GRAD gift of this decade. New and improved for the Class of 2006, ConGRADulations! is a 2 Disc Set Interactive Grad Gift (Music Disc and Video Disc) that features:

* 11 powerful songs dealing with important life issues like friendship, the future, success, and personal faith
* All songs are the original recordings by the top names in Christian music (Relient K, P.O.D., Mercy Me, GRITS, Superchick, Building 429 and more)
* Artist “Words to the Class of 2006” Videos (from Tobymac, P.O.D., Jonah 33, Building 429)
* Video Greetings and Testimonies from Five Seniors
* “Flight Lessons” Online GRAD Devotional Journal
* Year In Review Video
* Online Bible
* Interactive Senior Year Scrapbook
* Music Videos
* Ministry-Based Weblinks

How about information on how to avoid STDs, pregnancy, date rape…oh that’s right, none of these young people will be engaging in activities involving naughty bits…

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding