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Planned Parenthood, NARAL Reps Vote For Lamont


Both Carolyn Treiss, head of NARAL-CT and Susan Yolen, head of Planned Parenthood-CT were delegates at the convention yesterday, and both cast their votes for Ned Lamont.  This in spite of incredible pressure from their national organizations to back Joe Lieberman.  All I can say is, bravo to both women for standing up for choice and saying "no more" to Rape Gurney Joe and the DC cocktail weenie gluttons who would have had them do otherwise. That took some guts.

So let’s recap.  Ned Lamont has committed — like a good Democrat — to support the Democratic candidate, whoever that may be, for the Connecticut Senate race in November.  Even if that candidate turns out to be his opponent, Joe Lieberman.  It’s the classy thing to do.

Lieberman, on the other hand, has accused Lamont of being a traitor hurting the party by running, and refuses to commit to even being a Democrat.  It’s the weak, weasely thing to do. 

On Ned’s site there is an open letter to Joe Lieberman, challenging him to act honorably in the race, and he needs us to sign it:

Dear Senator Lieberman,

I supported you as the Democratic Party’s nominee for Vice President of the United States six years ago. However, I am deeply disturbed to find you openly contemplating an Independent run for U.S. Senate this year. As you well know, Democrats are on the cusp of reclaiming the congress for the first time in over a decade. Your threats seriously undermine the progress of the national party towards that goal, again.

Ned Lamont has already pledged to support your candidacy should you win this August. On the eve of the Connecticut Democratic Convention, I urge you to do the same.

I am sure that if the Incumbent Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee thought they could get away with it, they’d back an independent Lieberman run against a Democratic Lamont campaign.  The odds are, after all, in the favor of the incumbent Lieberman, and to Chuck Schumer power means more than principles.  He and all the other Democrats who would rather that the netroots community just shut up and bake them a pie need to know that if this happens there will be consequences. 

I almost never ask people to sign petitions but I’m asking you to sign this one now, numbers are going to be meaningful as the various factions start to stake out their territory.  Again, it’s at  open letter to Joe Lieberman

The rumor mill is running wild.  If Holy Joe bolts the party he is probably going to do it soon.  This is rapidly getting very, very interesting.  

(graphic by Dark Black) 

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