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'No Special Rights'

Gary at Advance Indiana has been battling a local AmTaliban organization called NoSpecialRights, which declares on its web site as its mission: “Lovingly opposing the homosexual agenda.” And read this blather:

The purpose of this page is to help you to get up to speed on the consequences of giving homosexuality a “special protected class” status in our community or far worse in our nation. The links below will help you to get important information as a citizen and as a person of Faith. Did you realize that extending a special protected class status could lead to the persecution of all faith based organizations and business who refuse to hire homosexuals in any position. How could a Church or a faith based school or day care center comply with such an order? Why should any employer be forced to under the threat of devastating lawsuits?

There was a hearing of the South Bend Common Council on Wed. concerning an amendment to its anti-discrimination laws that would include LGBT, and the bigots showed up to bleat the usual “party line” we’ve come to expect in these cases:

No Special Rights gave out blue and yellow stickers which read “Protect Our Children” and had the group’s name and others, while South Bend Equality wore pins that said “I Care About Equality!”

…A family counselor, Nathan “Bud” Steadman, said gay rights groups have said they want to change society beyond the law and that the amendments would allow that agenda to advance in South Bend.

“Whatever ground is given to the homosexual lobby, that ground will simply be the staging area for further destructive activism,” he said. “The very fabric of American society must not change from morality-based law to immoral license.”

Go read Gary’s entry to learn more about the disinformation and intimidation perpetrated by No Special Rights.

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