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Holy Joe wins party nom, but Lamont's showing forces primary

Hey hey, ho ho — Holy Joe’s got to go…Greenwich, CT businessman Ned Lamont managed to garner way more votes than Lieberman’s camp expected, and now there will be a primary battle.

Holy Joe tries to pathetically spin this development.

Before the convention, Lieberman said he believes Lamont will hurt other party hopefuls if he continues his battle for the Senate seat.

“I think it’s going to be harmful of our party and the chances of our congressional candidates, our Democratic challengers and our gubernatorial candidates,” he said. “But it’s his decision.”

Lamont said there was no reason to pull out of the race.

“Everywhere I go, no one is saying, ‘Oh my God, you’re hurting the party,”‘ he said.

Jane @ Firedoglake has an onsite report from Connecticut Bob, and this says it all:

Bob also says the response to Lieberman’s nomination speech, given by Chris Dodd, was extremely tepid and people were talking over Dodd the whole time. When Bush’s favorite Democrat entered the room, his volunteers tried to get things going by using those annoying thunder sticks, and the accompanying music was (I kid you not) “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Bennetar. Because, you know, he’s going to stand up to that Ned Lamont because Joe Lieberman is a fighter, dammit. Bob is going to need combat pay for his “Worst Moments of VH1” endurance contest. Only a Republican could pick anything that bad.

Hat tip, Sportin’ Life

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