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Winger immigration 'humor'

Look at what passes for a knee-slapper column over at WingNutDaily — Joe Kovacs (an editor at WND) solves the immigration problem with this fun suggestion, based on the recent spate of alligator attacks in the Sunshine State:

Yes, finally a solution that has some teeth. Lots and lots of teeth.

Simply transplant a large sample of Florida’s reptile populace (the meanest, nastiest looking buggers) along a path from Texas to California.

Let’s just see how fast the illegal invaders “vamanos” when faced with the killer smiles of the four-legged American welcoming committee. Let’s see if they still want to reclaim the Southwest if the new kids on the block want to have them over for dinner, or dessert.

Watch the flood of human traffic into America evaporate, as you can bet many Mexicans will be making a new run for the border – the border with Guatemala, that is.

…Of course, this brilliant idea does entail some bold challenges, such as evacuating hundreds of swamp-dwelling creatures in an orderly fashion. Why not employ New Orleans Mayor Ray “Chocolate” Nagin who still has dozens of moisture-packed school buses at his disposal?

How long before some freakshow Minuteman decides this is actually a worthy plan?


Oh, look — here’s Dear Leader “in action”…

Actual caption:US President George W. Bush takes a ride in a US Border Patrol dune buggy. Bush traveled to this desert town on the US-Mexico border — one of the most popular entry points for illegal immigrants — to underscore his commitment to sealing America’s porous borders.(AFP/Paul J. Richards)

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