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Slow on the uptake

The American Family Association was a bit slow in its response to the ruling of the “activist judge” in Georgia who invalidated the vote banning same-sex marriage this week.

Don Wildmon’s legal goon Steve Crampton, of the AFA’s Center for Law & Policy weighs in on the matter.

…the reversal of the Georgia amendment, which was approved in November 2004 by a 76 percent majority of the state’s voters, underscores the vulnerability of state marriage laws across the U.S., even when they have the people’s mandate and are enshrined in the state’s constitution. What this case does, he asserts, is “it sort of highlights the need for us to take steps to once and for all protect marriage.”

…A federal marriage amendment is the only way to ensure the protection of traditional marriage from the attacks of homosexual activists and activist judges, Crampton insists. “The institution of marriage is God’s very first social institution,” he says. “Protection of the family begins with the protection of marriage, so Congress must act to amend the U.S. Constitution in order to preserve the institution of marriage against the efforts of those seeking to redefine it.”

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