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Sadly, No!


Today’s Hartford Courant:

Lieberman said he believes Lamont will hurt other party hopefuls if he continues his battle for the congressional seat.

 "I think it’s going to be harmful of our party and the chances of our congressional candidate, our Democratic challengers and our gubernatorial candidates," he said "But it’s his decision."

Why would that be, Joe? Well according to The American Prospect earlier this year:

The senator is up front about the consequences a primary would have on the state party’s treasury: If he must fend off a challenger, money just won’t be available to Connecticut Democrats for their own campaign operations, their May convention, or for tough, targeted House races against Republicans Chris Shays and Rob Simmons. “A credible primary challenge would make that difficult,” Lieberman campaign manager Sean Smith says. 

It seems like party folk might be a wee bit ungrateful for all Joe’s largesse.  Said delegates from the town of Simsbury Southbury, at the convention:

"We asked for a visit from Lieberman in February and we’re still waiting for a call back. Southbury proudly casts 5 votes for Ned Lamont." 

Shorter Joe Lieberman:  "Democracy?  Never heard of it."

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