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Religious looney tunes crow over 'Da Vinci'

These idiots are just plain crazy. It’s a only a movie, people, and apparently not a very good one, if you believe the reviews coming out of Cannes.

Well known pro-family advocate Judie Brown of the American Life League says The Da Vinci Code, the movie and the book based on it, are just another attack being launched against faith in contemporary society. Brown believes the latest barrage is a sign that the anti-God forces are getting frustrated.

“I think that people who hate God and who hate the entire idea of Christianity are trying to develop ways to be more scathing in what they have to say,” the pro-lifer asserts, “because Christianity is growing stronger. And the very fact that that is happening is debilitating to those people who hate God. It’s almost like the anti-Christ is among us and has taken about 500 different forms, all of which have the same message: you have to hate God to be accepted in our society.”

But as these vehement attacks against God and against Christian belief are a good thing, Brown contends, because they show that Christianity is making giant forward strides in the postmodern world.

But wait, there’s more…

The chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission says “The Da Vinci Code” is an anti-Christian and anti-Semitic film that was financed by a British Muslim.

Ted Baehr says Mohammed Yusef’s Invicta Capital put up most of the estimated 200 million dollars it cost to make the film version of Dan Brown’s novel. Baehr told reporters at a Washington news conference, “I think it’s a very serious problem when people start funding movies and books to attack somebody else’s religious faith.” He said the financial backing for “The Da Vinci Code” reveals “a terrible double standard” by Muslims who erupt in violent protests when they believe their own faith is being attacked.

It’s fiction, people.

Blender Paul noted this fun bit at the end of the SFGate article on the poorly received screening of the movie — by out actor Sir Ian McKellan:

Reviewers did have kind words for co-star Ian McKellen, who plays an irreverent Grail enthusiast. Critics said McKellen stole the movie, and the British actor also stole the show at the news conference with his co-stars and Howard, delivering a zinger about the possibility Christ had a wife.

“I’m very happy to believe that Jesus was married,” said McKellen, an outspoken defender of gay rights since disclosing his homosexuality in the late 1980s. “And I know the Catholic church has problems with gay people, and I thought this would be absolute proof that Jesus was not gay.”

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