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I do declare, it’s been one helluva week for this Radical. I won’t bore you with all the details, but suffice to say that it’s been made clear to me that not every single person on earth likes me. Apparently my activism in Portland over the past year, especially my bi-monthly cable access show, has generated some attention. One commenter on a message board noted that I was arrogant and patronizing, and my ego was so huge that my “head needs hydraulics to keep it upright.”* Oh well, as my daddy always told me: “Son, do you like everybody? No? Then why should everybody like you?”

So it was just fitting that I should receive this e-mail, presumably written by someone who’d read my Barbie Talibania post earlier:

Dear Radical Russ,

A wise old man once told me, “If you have a vice you are a slave”. As an American I am appalled that our country has become such a slave to consumerism. Everything we hear and see in the media is totally biased to get the most amount of money out our pockets and into “their” pockets. Sex is the “grease” of the American economy. SEX!!! Sexy clothes, sexy cars, sexy this and that, pornography, dating services, alcohol, “contraceptives”, IUDs, abortions, condoms, and so forth are BIG BUCKS! People are blatantly lied to about sex, so others can get rich without working.

It’s sad that so many 19 years olds have some kind of sexually transmitted disease.

Many “grown ups” believe that the condom protects you from AIDS. According to Masters and Johnson you can get AIDS just from kissing, because blood cells exist in saliva (

Some diseases such as herpes are contagious by genital contact alone and a condom is worthless! Look at pictures of Herpes, Chlamydia, Genital Warts, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, AIDS, etc. (

Do you want to take a 0.00001% risk of getting any of that? Do you want your daughter or son or students, getting that? Then show them these pictures!

But I guess if you already have all these STDs then you aren’t too worried about avoiding them? And as far as other people go I guess misery seeks company!

The people who are making the aforementioned big bucks want to sidetrack the issue and make people feel guilty as some sort of a religious fanatic if you talk in favor of chastity. But this is a health issue. Besides isn’t the Groin Worship, that you promote, a religion?

To counteract the media manipulation I recommend every member on the Board of Education, every teacher, every parent, every grandparent, every student, and everyone else become informed of the FACTS. I recommend watching a video called Sex, Love and Relationships with Pam Stenzel.

If you really love someone don’t you want the best for them? Then tell them they don’t have to be sexually active to be accepted by people.

I would love to find a girl like Brandi Swindell for a girlfriend/wife but unfortunately those girls are usually quickly snatched up and are hard to come by. I really don’t find anything romantic about getting herpes, etc.

Too bad bachelors in the USA don’t have the right to choose….a clean wholesome un-adulterated girl to marry.

Mike F

Mike, thanks for writing. I particularly like the phrase “Groin Worship”; I think it would make an awesome band name.

By the way, Brandi Swindell is single and 29 years old. It doesn’t appear that she’s been “quickly snatched up”. Don’t you get down on yourself — there are plenty of sexually-repressed, Christo-fascist, anti-woman virgins out there; you’ll find the right girl for you.

I can find agreement with you on one issue: as a culture we are victims of rampant consumerism. That’s the “invisible hand of the marketplace” at work, jackin’ off the rich man and pissin’ on the poor. We have poor people convinced that voting Republican is in their best interests and buying a $4 t-shirt at Wal-Mart is a helluva deal even if some Chinese teenager was paid 37-cents a day in a sweatshop for sixteen hours following her government-mandated abortion for that low price. We have the working class convinced that if they just keep their noses clean, work hard, and play by the rules, everything will be okay, they’ll be moderately wealthy one day and they can enjoy their pension and retirement into the golden years; meanwhile the Ken Lays and the John Rigas are swiping the retirement fund and hiding assets in the Caymans so they don’t have to pay the taxes to help pay for the wars the working-class and poor kids are dying in.

But when you try to tie that to the “sex is the lubricant” is where you lose me. You write as if sex and porn and lust are something new. Mankind has always been into “groin worship” and always will be; it’s hard-coded, it’s DNAs way of making more DNA. All the attempts by religion over thousands of years with the implicit authority of the maker of the universe Himself have not ever succeeded in curbing mankind’s predilection for doing the horizontal mambo. Gosh, it might lead one to think that Maker perhaps didn’t know what He was doing when he made our naughty bits.

There’s nothing wrong with encouraging abstinence and sexual chastity. I have many young nieces and nephews and I don’t want them to become diseased, pregnant, or emotionally traumatized. However, I’m not stupid enough to think that all my wishing in the world is going to overcome that natural horny teenage desire (when they become teens) because, after all, it didn’t work on me or anyone else I know, either.

I won’t deny that abstinence is 100% effective against STDs. So yes, encourage abstinence for teens. However, with the realization that some young people are going to have sex regardless, it is best to prepare them for the eventuality with the facts they can use to protect themselves. Some of those facts are that you cannot get AIDS from kissing (shame on you), you can reduce your risk of STDs by using condoms, you can avoid unwanted pregnancy with birth control, and abortion is a legitimate right of every woman to maintain sovereignty over her body and medical decisions.

My issue with Brandi and people like her on this subject is this attitude that “OK, we told you to be abstinent, so if you’re not, then tough shit, you get what you deserve.” That’s the kind of Christlike attitude I’ve come to expect from most hypoChristians these days. Both of us want our young’uns to be 100% protected by abstinence. Where we differ is that if they’re not abstinent, I’d prefer they’d be 99% protected and you’d prefer something in the mid 60%’s.

Again, this is nothing new, and if we were to compare our era to any other, you’d find we have far lower incidence of sexually-transmitted diseases (when’s the last time you saw a raging syphilitic in the streets?) and the people who get them d
on’t die as often. But then, that’s a problem for you, isn’t it? Not enough hellfire and brimstone to generate the fear and misery needed to lure in new recruits when a shot can cure the clap.

Again, thanks for writing. I was having some writer’s block today and you cured it.

P.S. What if I want to have sex, fall in love, and form a relationship with someone other than Pam Stenzel? Is there a book for that, too?

*In response, I told him that I only seemed arrogant because I was so much better than he and I questioned if he really meant to say “patronizing”, because patronizing is a word that means you treat someone like you think they are stupid. To quote Bugs Bunny, “yeah, I’m a stinkah!”

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