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It just happened.  Connecticut Bob just called, and with just under half the votes cast, Ned Lamont  forced the primary. 243-512, WOOO HOOO!!!!! 

Bob also says the response to Lieberman’s nomination speech, given by Chris Dodd, was extremely tepid and people were talking over Dodd the whole time.  When Bush’s favorite Democrat entered the room, his  volunteers tried to get things going by using those annoying thunder sticks, and the accompanying music was (I kid you not) "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Bennetar.  Because, you know, he’s going to stand up to that Ned Lamont because Joe Lieberman is a fighter, dammit.  Bob is going to need combat pay for his "Worst Moments of VH1" endurance contest.  Only a Republican could pick anything that bad.


There was a time when a vital center coalition existed in the Senate, where there was room on both sides for trading votes across party lines. The Republicans destroyed that coalition and Lieberman, inexplicably, doesn’t seem to get that. Even worse, when the shit comes down, he inevitably sides with them. Many Democrats took a long time to learn the harsh lessons of GOP political hardball and had to lose to a bunch of thuggish right-wingers before they began to recognize what they were up against. Lieberman still refuses to accept the fact that his high minded centrism is a weapon in the hands of the radical Republicans.

The netroots are bringing some heat from the partisans and even if Lamont loses maybe this will move Lieberman’s ass a little bit back to the party that brung him. That is not illegitimate politics. It is the only way to educate him apparently. He certainly has not listened to anything else.

I’m not sure I’m on board with the notion of Lieberman as "high minded" — I think he’s a grubby little opportunist whose commitment to "values" is about as genuine as Ralph Reed’s opposition to "gambllng." 

Bob is saying that there was an anti-war demonstration earlier, and Matt Stoller reports that when Dodd was speaking about supporting the troops, people were hollering "bring ’em home!"  I guess the dissatisfaction with Holy Joe is not just in the blogosphere.

Thanks to everyone who contributed their time, their money and their support to this effort.  This is really cool

Update:  Matt Stoller just called to say that since Ned has already gotten the votes he needs, people may start casting their votes for Lieberman so as not to cross his threatening, vindictive highness.  Ned has been running at 30% but if he winds up with even 20% Lieberman is in big, big trouble.  This is WAY IN EXCESS of anything anyone expected.  Holy Joe must be reeling.  The battle is on and you can support Ned here

Update II:  Connecticut Bob called once again to give the final unofficial tally — Lieberman 1014, Lamont 497.  That puts Ned at roughly 33%, WILDLY in excess of what they anticipated.  The Lamont people are jumping around, hi-fiving each other, slapping each other on the back.  Rape Gurney Joe’s people are wandering around in a daze, wondering what hit ’em. 

Three words:  "a short ride."

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