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Late Nite FDL: Oh Yes It’s Ladies’ Night…


We can talk about Duane Allman’s stinging guitar solo from the 24 minute live version of Whipping Post or wax rapsodic about Jason Pierce’s sui generis mix of Cop Shoot Cop some time if you like, but I have a dirty secret to confess tonight — I’m a closet bubblegum fan.  And ever since Gurney Joe Lieberman went flying into the bunker in the wake of Hurricane Lamont this afternoon, I haven’t been able to get that Boyce & Hart classic I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight out of my head (and so now will pass it on to you).

Because it occurs to me that there must be many people rethinking their positions.  And I wonder what they’re doing tonight:

  • Chuck Schumer and the DEMOCRATIC Senatorial Campaign Committee, who has so far refused to commit to support the DEMOCRATIC nominee in the Connecticut race….
  • Harry Reid, who cut a bad deal with Holy Joe to support him if he’d agree to run as a Democrat (Joe promptly punk’d him)….
  • Hillary Clinton, who issued a bunch of bullshit claims about Joe’s fictional opposition to Social Security privatization in support of him….
  • All those Connecticut Democrats who have been backing Holy Joe even after he threatened, caujolled and manipulated them because they thought he was always going to be around…
  • All the members of the Gang of 14 who voted to put a foaming fundie freak like Strip Search Sammy on the Supreme Court and thought they’d never have to pay for it (especially the ones whose names begin with "Lincoln" and end in "Chafee")
  • Holy Joe himself, who as Kos said, knows that he stands a better chance of winning as an independent (he needs those Republican votes), and can be sure that on the heels of this that Lamont will start pulling down the big support of groups who sat on the sidelines as things got hot…
  • Those Democratic political consultants who think that the netroots are just an ATM machine whose values don’t need to be respected and are best treated like children.  (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Lamont campaign — especially in the person of Ned’s campaign manager, Tom Swan — is the only one that has taken the time to sit down in front of a computer, figure out what the blogs are all about and learn how to work with us.) 
  • And last but not least, the women of America…and the men who support them…who have felt victimized, betrayed, angry, treated like second class citizens being herded like cattle into the Republic of Gilead by churlish little pricks like Joe Lieberman and everyone else who voted to put Strip Search Sammy on the bench for no other reason than political opportunism.  Who ignored our emails, our letter, or faxes, our entreaties to please respect our dignity and our civil rights and who chose instead to suck up to GOP power and  piss all over the constitution.      

It may not be a happy time for some people, but for the ladies it’s a damn good night. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen.  The war’s not over, but this is an awfully good start.

(Update:  Our FDL correspondent, Bob Adams, has more on his adventures at the convention.) 

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