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Things are heating up in the Connecticut primary.  Our FDL correspondent Connecticut Bob just called to say that the Lieberman tent is as big as a football field, they have a live band, people are walking around with tuxedos serving sushi.  I guess that if you have to pay for your love, pretentious displays of opulent wealth and gross GOP ostentation probably serve a purpose — if only to intimidate local politicos into submission.  Which seems to be what is happening. 

Says Matt Stoller, who is live blogging:

There are rival delegations from Hartford, and only one slate will be seated. Apparently the Mayor of Hartford Eddie Perez seated his own delegation slate in one block instead of allowing for proportional representation like other Democratic Town Committees.  The antiwar town of Hartford will have an entirely pro-war delegation if the Lieberman-backing machine Mayor wins.  The room is structured like a trial, with opposing attorneys calling witnesses.  There are accusations of bad faith on the part of the Chairman, who apparently is relying on a different set of rules that denies proportional representation.

While I was talking to Bob, Ned grabbed the phone to say hello and expressed his thanks for all the support he’s getting from the blogosphere.  Bob says he doesn’t think it will get down and dirty until late in the evening Connecticut time.  There is a live blogging site here where they will be posting the delegate results.  You can also watch the convention live online beginning at 6pm EDT/3pm PDT here.

Congratulations to everyone who is fighting the good fight in Connecticut today.  Fortunately Ned’s future in the race is not dependent AT ALL on tonight’s results.  But showing up and making a stand for what you believe in, even when the odds are stacked again you, is both noble and praiseworthy.

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