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Heckuva Job, Bushie…Again…


Violence is surging across Afghanistan, as the Taliban steps up attacks on NATO and other peacekeeping troops across the entire nation.  Now the Afghan government is blaming Pakistan for allowing militants to train in that nation and then cross the border to incite violence.  The Pakistanis are denying involvement.  Great, now an already unstable region is even more unstable.

All of which leads to a request for increased forces in the beleaguered nation:

NATO member nations are sending reinforcements to boost their peacekeeping force from 9,000 to 16,000. The force will soon take over in the perilous south in what is set to be the alliance's toughest ground mission in its 57-year history.

With about 23,000 troops, the United States now has its largest force in Afghanistan since the Taliban were ousted for refusing to hand over Osama bin Laden.

Remind me again — we haven't captured Osama Bin Laden or finshed off the Taliban yet, have we? Just once, just one freaking time, could George Bush finish what he's started and do the job right?

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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