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So happy to be up and running again.  I think we’ve worked out the server kink — so fret not, all ye who e-mailed.  Huge thank yous to Jamie and John — our tech folks — who are geniuses.  No scary stuff, no hack, no nasty business — just a hiccup in our server switchover, and I think we now have it ironed out (she says, hopefully…).

Quick update on the Rove front, still no news from any sources on movement.  I promise, we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything solid.  Lots of stuff swirling around but, unfortunately, nothing that we can substantiate with any of our sources one way or the other.  So put on another kettle — I know I will be.

A request for FDL readers who have the time or the interest to help out with our Crashing the Gate Roots initiative:  Jay tells me that they are still in need of a few volunteers to help make book deliveries on the Hill.  "The more, the merrier," Jay says.  It will go from noon until they are finished on (I believe) the 23rd — someone please correct me if I’ve muddled the date here. 

Jay says they have about a dozen volunteers already — from NYC, from Maryland, Virginia and all over the DC/district area — but more people will make the day go faster and easier for everyone, plus it would be a whole lot more fun with a big Roots contingent to let the members of Congress know that there are a whole LOT of us out there paying attention. 

If you’d like to get involved — even if it’s just helping out for an hour or so on your lunch hour — contact jay AT ackroyd DOT org. 

And a short note to the couple of folks who’ve decided on false rumor-mongering as a new hobby:  stop it.  Pachacutec is a valued member of the FDL team.  We aren’t making his name public until if and when he feels the need to do so — because we value privacy as a right, and because it’s the right thing to do.  Here’s who he is not, though, not that it is any of your business:  he is not Markos Moulitsas, he is not Jerome Armstrong, he is not Atrios, he is not Digby, and any number of other bloggers.  Just like Jane and I and a whole lot of you, Pach is a citizen who’d like his country to go in a better direction — he’s just a guy who wants to help make a difference.  Just like I’m just a girl who wants to help make a difference.  Just like a whole lot of you.

I got started blogging after the 2004 election.  I was so pissed off after Kerry lost, and so angry about having to live through 4 more years of the Bush Administration, that I needed to feel like I was doing something to make a change.  I’m not a political consultant, neither is Jane and neither is Pach.  This isn’t about making a career — it’s about working for change.

And if that’s not a good enough explanation for the agitated few who have started bugging our Roots volunteers coordinating this CtG effort — well, so be it.  But let it go — or STFU.

Huge thank you to all our readers for their patience as we work through the kinks of the changeover.  No one wants them smoothed out faster than Jane and me — trust me on that one. 

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