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What the hell is he thinking?

Giuliani Campaigns for Ex-Leader of Christian Coalition. Man, it’s a race to see who can suck up to the corrupt wingers more, Rudy or Tool McCain. This is really scraping the bottom of the barrel, since Ralph Reed is radioactive from his connections to Jack Abramoff.

Former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani glided over his support for gay civil unions and declared heterosexual marriage to be “inviolate” today as he helped raise money for a former leader of the Christian Coalition, Ralph Reed, who is in a tough fight to become lieutenant governor of Georgia.

…The Giuliani-Reed embrace came five days after another possible Republican candidate in 2008, Senator John McCain, appeared alongside the Rev. Jerry Falwell for a speech at Liberty University, an avowed evangelical institution. Georgia Republicans said that Mr. Giuliani’s visit was set weeks ago, though they acknowledged that both he and Mr. McCain were seeking inroads to the southern and religious wings of the party.

Mr. Giuliani did not once mention Jesus Christ or his childhood interest in becoming a priest, but instead preached from the Bible of fiscal conservatism. He called for more federal tax cuts as a means of creating more jobs and stimulating the economy, and argued that tax cuts would invigorate business and ultimately yield greater total tax receipts, thereby helping the cause of deficit reduction.

…Introduced by Mr. Reed as “a great conservative” and “America’s mayor,” Mr. Giuliani urged Republicans to look toward the political landscape with optimism, and not be embarrassed to support President Bush — whose approval ratings are at a low — or Republican policies.

Holy crap. Who, even on the right, isn’t embarrassed by the clown-in-chief at this point?

Hat tip, Holly.

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