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$%#@&^ Time Warner Cable

Man, yesterday was technical melt-down day. First my hosting account maxed out, then cable — and with it my access to Dear Leader’s internets — was down at my house all evening. It’s 4:45 AM (don’t ask — I’m up at this hour on many days, starting my blogging so I can actually do work during the day, lol), and it’s finally back up.

I knew something was wrong when Kate and I were driving into the neighborhood and we saw two TWC with several guys parked at what looked like one of those main terminals that probably branches out to the whole subdivision. I actually said something to the effect of “what are those guys doing? I bet the cable is toast.” Sigh, yes, it was.

Calling TWC resulted in listening to a message that basically said it was a “known outage” and that they were “working on it.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding