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Rethug campaigning hits a new low

You know, when someone is willing to attack an opponent for having a heart transplant with a disgusting campaign like this, it makes it pretty clear who’s the real sick person. This is in California. (SFGate):

What may be a Hall of Fame moment in the annals of political ads may have come down in the GOP race for 25th State Assembly District race in the Modesto area this week.

We’re talking the campaign mailer in which GOP candidate Bill Conrad attacks opponent Tom Berryhill — for having a heart transplant.

The headline of the direct mail piece — in blood red ink, no less: “Tom Berryhill doesn’t have the HEART for State Assembly.”

That’s accompanied by a handy list of “Heart Transplant Facts.”

Among them:

*”The Average Lifespan of a Heart Transplant recipient is 7 years,” followed by the none-too-subtle observation that “Berryhill’s transplant was 6 years ago.”

*”Heart Transplant patients take Anti-rejection medications for life. (These medications weaken the immune system making the recipient more susceptible to illness and death.)”

And finally:

*”Severe stress SIGNIFICANTLY shortens the life expectancy of Heart Transplant recipients.”

The direct mail piece also warns of the costs to the taxpayer if Berryhill kicks it, saying “Can you imagine the costs to taxpayers for a Special Election when poor health renders him unable to fulfill the duties of office?

Conrad tries to use the fig leaf of Dick Cheney and his heart condition as a reason why his direct mail hit piece is fair game. Har-dee-har-har. One can legitimately ask about a candidate’s health without this kind of a smear — note Conrad did this through the mail, as opposed to an interview or in a debate. That, of course, is no accident — he spent $15,000 to mail 47,000 copies of this piece of crap to voters.

The Hotline has links to the full graphic, a portion of which is below:

Hat tip, Paul.

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