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MC continues the shill tour for her fish wrapping tome

I really don’t want to talk about Darth’s Daughter any more, but I thought I’d pass along a few items for you to nosh on.

She’ll be on the Diane Rehm Show today at 10 AM if you care to stomach it. She’s listed as “Guests: Mary Cheney, AOL, Inc. executive. Director of vice presidential operations for the Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign…The daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney talks about living in the political spotlight as a campaign strategist and a gay woman.” (hat tip, Holly)

Yesterday before the cable went completely dead, Kate said that MC was on The Situation Room with Wolfie. She does manage to say this:

BLITZER: You write this on page 180 in your book: “If the Republican Party fails to come around on this issue (same-sex marriage), I believe it will find itself on the wrong side of history and on a sharp decline into irrelevance.” Those are strong words.

CHENEY: They are strong words. And I did write them. And I believe them. I think if you look at polls, and I do talk about them in the book, this is not a conservative issue, not a liberal issue, not a Republican issue or Democrat issue. This is a generational issue.

…BLITZER: You see this in the book in which you go into great length as almost like treating gays and lesbians as second class citizens, real discrimination along the lines of what used to exist in this country with other minorities.

CHENEY: The analogy I use in the book, I don’t think I use the word second class citizens anywhere. But the analogy I use in the book is when the Supreme Court handed down the decision in Virginia v. Loving, and forgive me if I don’t remember the year. It was ’62 or ’67. Polls at the time showed it was one of the most unpopular decisions ever by the Supreme Court. Something like 72 percent of the people in America opposed the idea of interracial marriage.

OK, that earns a gold star for clarity and common sense observation. Late, but it’s on board.

One question though: how did she manage to cite Virginia v. Loving yet is completely clueless about the laws that will affect her in short order today? From the Larry King interview just days ago:

KING: On domestics — what’s the rule — what’s the law in Virginia?

CHENEY: Actually I’m not sure what the law is in Virginia. I should know that.

KING: Does your partner have — if you’re in the hospital, god forbid, does your partner have rights?

CHENEY: My partner and I have living wills, regular wills, powers of attorney, everything that quite honestly any couple married or not should have.

Mary, in the interest of helping a fellow homo out on the matter, here‘s what you, Heather and the rest of Virginia’s residents get to vote on in the fall:

“Question: Shall Article I (the Bill of Rights) of the Constitution of Virginia be amended to state, in part, that ‘only a union between one man and one woman may be a marriage valid in or recognized by this Commonwealth and its political subdivisions’ and to add provisions relating to the legal status of other relationships and prohibiting the Commonwealth and its political subdivisions from recognizing a legal status for relationships that intend to approximate marriage?”

Yeah, and watch that amendment pass and see how relevant all of it will be if some fundies want to make hay of your “rights.” And what about those folks who cannot afford to draw up legal contracts? I’m sure that financial matters don’t cross her mind on a regular basis unless it involves tax cuts…

I cannot leave this priceless exchange out. Daddy’s (Halliburton’s) little girl:

Do you believe that your father and the president have handled the Iraq situation well? You’ve been one of your dad’s key advisers.

CHENEY: I don’t speak for the administration. I’m not an administration official.

BLITZER: You did work in the campaign.

CHENEY: I did work on the campaign and very proud of that. And I think that they have handled Iraq exactly right.

BLITZER: You do?

CHENEY: Just think about it, Wolf.

BLITZER: No mistakes?

CHENEY: No mistakes.

BLITZER: Exactly right? Because those are strong words.

CHENEY: Three years ago — exactly right. Those are very strong words.

BLITZER: Tell us…

CHENEY: Three years ago, Wolf.


CHENEY: Twenty-five million — 25 million people are free today who were not free three years ago in Iraq. Iraq has managed to hold three national elections and every single election, more people came out and voted than voted in the previous election.

These are people who are going to the polls, and voting and casting votes for their leadership for the first time in their lives. They deserve an enormous amount of respect from us and they deserve our help, and we are doing everything we can to help them. And quite frankly, I think we are doing it exactly right.


And one more, if you can stand it. Time magazine has 10 Questions For Mary Cheney up. (h/t BarbieAnn). She’s completely on autopilot, bleating the same stuff. She offers up yet another spin on why she didn’t speak out about SSM during the campaigns — she just didn’t have time.

I never really was trying to be this mysterious figure. During both campaigns, I was rather busy trying to get my job done. There was a flood of phone calls that Heather and I got from reporters. My reaction was, I have other things to worry about.

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