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As Atrios notes, Lieberman may be denigrating Ned Lamont’s ads and strutting around like a puffed-up little jackanape talkin’ trash about facing down the oil companies, but the only thing he’s really shown himself capable of getting tough with of late are rape victims on hospital gurneys.

The Democratic Party Convention starts tomorrow and DavidNYC makes an important point over at the Swing State Project:  the Lieberman camp is trying to set expectations high for Ned so that they can say he underperformed if it doesn’t happen.  Let’s get one thing straight.  Ned Lamont is a people’s candidate.  State Party Machine Boss Lieberman has said he will spend all the party’s money on his own ads and starve out every other Democrat if Lamont presents a serious threat.  The state Democratic party is not going to be the thing that puts Lamont over the top.

As Markos’ noted on Colin McEnroe’s show recently, it’s probably much better from a symbolic point of view if Ned makes history by being the first candidate to force a primary by collecting signatures and going around the party machinery, which would happen if he didn’t get 15% of the convention delegates.  Ned is gaining ground.  Pro-choice women in the state have rallied behind him while none have come out for Enrique Suave Lieberman, and now grassroots labor is lining up behind Ned too.  The churlish Lieberman is hemohrraging support and time is not on his side.

If Ned gets enough delegates tomorrow to get on the ballot that’s great, the resources that would otherwise go to collecting signatures can go to something else.  But if he doesn’t it is neither a surprise nor should it be an indicator of weakness — just the opposite.  In spite of the party muscle that is standing in opposition to Ned, people like CTblogger, thirdparty, the folks at MyLeftNutmeg and our own Connecticut Bob Adams are volunteering, organizing and showing up for Ned and that is a force to be reckoned with. 

We should know the results of the convention by tomorrow evening and hopefully Connecticut Bob will be our man-on-the-scene.  Whatever happens, it’s win-win for Ned.  Lieberman will start the day the way he finished it:  a loser.

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Jane Hamsher

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