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Howard's sorry

You’ve got that right, in more ways than one. You have to read this interview over at the Advocate with Howard Dean, who apologizes again for misstating the 2004 Dem platform on marriage equality, saying “I would hope one misstatement is not going to destroy the relationship that I’ve had with the LGBT community over the past four or five years.”

However, you will not read a more tortured dance around what is or isn’t a position on marriage equality coming from anyone’s lips (save sHillary). Writer Bruce C. Steele hammers him. This is just one snippet below — go read the whole thing and comment.

When we all know that privately, many Democratic politicians support marriage equality, why can’t the Democratic Party take a firm stand on equality?
Well, I think we do take a firm stand on equality; there’s no question about that.

But not for marriage equality.
Well, the question is how we get to equality under the law for all Americans, and I think the Democratic Party has provided that [plan]. It’s obviously a difficult debate, but there’s no backing away from equal rights under the law for all Americans, including gay and lesbian Americans. The question is how do you get there, and I think that’s what’s still being debated.

Do you personally support marriage equality for same-sex couples?
I’ve never answered that question. What I have said is that I support equal rights under the law for every single American.

That sounds like you want to say you’re in favor of marriage equality without saying you’re in favor of marriage equality.
You know, I represent a party that has a very broad constituency. I think there are people who are committed to equal rights under the law but don’t think you have to have [same-sex] marriage in order to do it, and there are people who think you have to have marriage. I’m not a candidate at this point; all I can do is say is that we’re going to continue to work really hard for equal rights under the law, and we’re going to continue to work really hard to kill nasty approaches and divisive approaches like the marriage amendment [which would write antigay marriage discrimination into the U.S. Constitution and has been scheduled for an early-June vote in the U.S. Senate by Majority Leader Bill Frist]. We do not support amendments to the United States Constitution that scapegoat communities.

Yes, all those state marriage amendments are passing one by one, while Dems keep their heads firmly in the sand. They are certainly kicking something down the court, but it feels more like my homo keister these days. There was no visibility on that front to actively campaign against those amendments in the last election cycle. He’s still ready to “leave it to the states.”

Just when you didn’t think he could dig a deeper hole, on equality, he does. Why don’t we all go down to Homo Depot and send him a shovel?

* Dems to homos: re-closet yourself in 2006

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