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A Coward Dies A Thousand Deaths


You’d think an 18 year incumbent would not be spending the day before the state convention trembling in the pisser.  But according to our man on the scene, Connecticut Bob, Lieberman is acting like a man desperately afraid of losing: 

And here’s more of Joe’s treachery:

“…So, here is the scuttlebut I am hearing…

Lieberman is getting DTCs (Democratic Town Committees) to call emergency meetings this evening to adopt resolutions for bloc-voting tomorrow night. Follow up if and where you can, and feel free to run with the story…”

Joe is trying to force every DTC chairman to coerce all their members to vote for Joe alone.

And I’m going to be interviewing delegates tomorrow to see if Holy Joe’s goon squad has been strong-arming them.

Joe is hearing footsteps behind him…

Bob will be our FDL correspondent tomorrow at the convention.  He’ll be there with a video camera and he’s compiling a list of questions for party bigwigs so if you have any suggestions, stop by his blog and leave them in the comments. I think I’m more excited about that than anything else — Boss Hogg Lieberman stands a very good chance of dominating and manipulating the local pols, but it will be great to see grass roots activists like Bob show up, camera in hand, and cut through the bullshit and bring some refreshing honesty to the scene.

He’s offering a free DVD copy of the convention footage to those whose questions he gets the chance to pose. In the words of Ron Popeil, now how much would you pay? 

(graphic by NeoJoe

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