You got connotation in my denotation!
Well, you got denotation in my connotation!

Fifteen to thirty civilians killed execution style? Fuck that noise. We’re arguing terminology while we’re ankle-deep in the blood:

James Taranto makes a great point about the comments of Rep. John Murtha regarding the investigation into whether U.S. troops committed war crimes in a November incident where 15 Iraqi civilians were killed in Haditha, Iraq. Murtha claims that an internal investigation will show “there was no firefight, there was no IED (improvised explosive device) that killed these innocent people. Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them, and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood.”

As Tananto notes, however, Murtha’s description is self-contradictory because if the Marines “overreacted,” then the killings were not premeditated. And if the killings were not premeditated, they were not in cold blood.

Moreover, if the killings were not in cold blood, then Murtha is slandering our troops by saying that they were. If the killings were in cold blood, then Murtha, in characterizing them as an overreaction to the pressure of the mission, is making an excuse for horrific crimes.

But what about the dead people?

Tananto (sic) takes the analysis one step further when he points to the similarity of Murtha’s “they were depraved because they were deployed” meme and the line that John Kerry peddled (based in large part on false allegations of war crimes) with respect to the war in Vietnam.

Murtha is what Kerry once was — a darling of the Democrats by virtue of his ability to attack our military efforts under cover of his credentials. But all of the credentials in the world don’t help when you contradict yourself in a single sentence.

Um. The dead people? Women? Kids?

JOHN adds: Jack Murtha is a disgrace. If there is one Congressman who deserves to be defeated in November, it’s him. And there is an alternative: the Republican candidate, Diana Irey. From a quick review, she looks pretty good. (No snarky comments, please.) From her web site, you can link to an interview in which she takes Murtha on where it counts–Iraq and the war on terror. She appears to be worthy of support. Let’s at least make that miserable *** sweat.

Tomorrow John and Paul do: “Jumbo Shrimp”, what’s up with that?

Right after John “pulls the lever” for Diana Irey, if you know what I mean…

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