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YKos: FDL Breakfast in Vegas!!

    Um. . . are you gonna eat that? 

Yes, it’s that time, ladies and gentlemen:  StepRightUp StepRightUp StepRightUp getcher foody goodness right-here yessirree-bob!!

You’ve heard about it.  You’ve dreamt about it.  Your friends are green with envy (or are they already hung over?  Do they really make cactus margaritas in the desert?  Mmmmm. . . cactus!).

Last month, you took a survey to help us plan an FDL Breakfast for Saturday, June 10 at YearlyKos (in Las Vegas) first thing in the morning, before all the programs start.  It’s going to be an awesome conference, put together by people like you, propelling people-powered politics and Plame-a-licious punditry (let’s hear you say that five times fast). Our Plame panel, which will be held on Friday, June 9, will include Joe Wilson, Dan Froomkin, Emptywheel, Larry Johnson, Christy and Jane (and special guest to be announced later today). The breakfast should be a great opportunity to continue the discussion.

You told us your prime price point was a $15 donation, and we set up a special Paypal link here on the site for you to preregister for your FDL Breakfast.  If you can’t afford the full amount, pay what you can, and if you can afford more, please consider donating more to cover the costs of community members more strapped for cash. 

It’s going to be sensational to meet each other at this history making event.  We’re reserving just 100 preregistered spots, based on your survey feedback. If you have not already registered and you intend to go, well, get to it!

I’m still working with the Yearlykos people and the hotel to finalize the menu, but we’re looking to offer healthy options and some little extras if possible, just to show how much we appreciate all you do (any supplemental donations you can make will surely help make it special).  If by some chance we have money left over when it’s all said and done, we’ll send the money to Ned Lamont.  We’ll keep you posted on all that.

Okay, time to sign up.  Jane, Christy, our special breakfast guests and I can’t wait to be there with you!

NOTE:  Registration for the breakfast is now closed, we sold out.

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