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Pennsylvania homobigot's pissed at the First Lady

Homosexuals have a right to live their lives as they want, but they do no have a right to force our society to redefine marriage and family…Those involved in the homosexual lifestyle have never been forced to sit at the back of the bus nor are there water fountains labeled ‘Gay Only.’ The thousands of ex-gays in this country show that people are not born ‘gay.’
— Diane Gramley, president of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania

Yawn…She’s mad that Laura Bush said that the fed marriage amendment shouldn’t be used as a campaign tool in the midterms — it’s cramping the style of all the homobigots.

Shall we pull out the violin for Ms. Gramley? From the unhinged press release:

It is tragic that Mrs. Bush doesn’t see the importance of making the marriage amendment a campaign issue. Americans want marriage between one man and one woman protected through a constitutional amendment. Marriage is the foundation of any society and the voters recognize the need to protect its foundation.

…“Protecting traditional marriage from activist judges is not discriminatory. Our elected officials on both the federal and state level need to pass the amendments that are before them and give the people a chance to vote on how they want to define marriage,” continued Gramley.

The value voters spoke in 2004 and, in many cases, are still waiting for confirmation that their concerns are being addressed by the people they placed in office. Marriage was an important issue in 2004 and will continue being an important issue until one man, one woman marriage is fully protected from activist judges and others who want to redefine it to include same-sex marriage or any other configuration.

“The federal Marriage Protection Amendment is not discriminatory. Our proposed Pennsylvania Marriage Protection Amendment is not discriminatory.

I don’t know what Gramley’s bleating about — Dear Leader’s wife isn’t a lawmaker.

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