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Georgia governor to fight ruling on same-sex marriage amendment

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Constance C. Russell’s ruling yesterday that the ballot measure on a ban on same sex marriage is invalid is a burr in the saddle of good old boy Governor Sonny Perdue.

She ruled that it violated the state constitution’s single-subject rules for ballot issues by including language on whether same-sex civil unions, would be recognized, so now he’s racing to do something about the decision of this “activist judge.” (AccessNorthGa):

Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue says he’ll call a special legislative session to work up another constitutional ban on same-sex marriages if the state Supreme Court doesn’t rule on the issue by Aug. 7.

…Perdue set a deadline on when the appeal must be decided because he will want the Legislature to put the ballot issue before voters again this year if the ban isn’t upheld by the state’s highest court.

All ballot language for the Nov. 7 general election must be submitted to the Secretary of State’s office by Aug. 14 to allow plenty of time for absentee ballots to be printed. A special session of the Legislature could last at least a week.

“I think the people spoke overwhelmingly. I think the people of Georgia knew exactly what they were voting for,” said Perdue, a Republican, referring to the judge’s opinion that the ballot question was misleading.

The constitutional amendment that was approved by 76 percent of the state’s voters.

While Russell’s ruling was technically correct, this is now going to be, unfortunately, a tool for the wingers to campaign upon down there; the state already had its own DOMA, and over 75% of Georgians voted for the amendment, so there really isn’t good positive spin in the end, IMHO.

“All these guys are running for election. And once again they’re going to try to use gays and lesbians as their platform,” said Chuck Bowen, director of Georgia Equality, the state’s largest gay-advocacy organization. “They’re using us to shield the real issues facing the state.”

Yes, and now it’s homo whipping boy time.

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