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FDL Late Nite: What Are YOU Wearing to Yearly Kos?


Update:  Kos has a very nice post about the Roots project.   

Matt O. asked me what appropriate attire to Yearly Kos would be.  I have absolutely no idea but I will be wearing this fine design by Dark Black from his Dick Cheney Armed & Hammered collection.  Matt will just have to decide if he thinks it would be right for him.

Due to demand far in excess of anything we anticipated, we’re going to be closing off the FDL Plame breakfast registration tonight at midnight PDT.  We’ll try to get a head count from there and make our plans accordingly. If you are planning to be at YK and want to go to the breakfast, PLEASE sign up tonight.  We don’t want to turn any of our regular readers away.  (NOTE:  Registration for the breakfast is now closed.) 

And on a technical note, we’re switching servers yet again tonight so you may suffer some brief outages around 10pm PST.  Don’t worry, it isn’t all part of some vicious plot by the NSA, we are simply going to be joining the Crooks & Liars server empire in order to serve you better.

The comments section is open to discuss your Vegas fantasies.  Oh if Atrios wasn’t a married man…. 

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