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Bush Approval Map: May 2006 Edition

Memo to George W. Bush: when IDAHO drops down to only +7% net approval, you’re in deep doo-doo! Memo to Democrats: You can start actively opposing this president now.

Yes, it’s that time again, when Survey USA releases their Fifty State Tracking Polls. These polls reflect the Approval and Disapproval ratings for the pretzeldunce in every state. Subtract the latter from the former and you’ve got Net Approval.

Someone called my color shading into question. “Just because a state like Kansas might have more dislike than approval for Bush, that doesn’t mean they’re ‘turning blue’. On the contrary, they may think Bush isn’t conservative enough.” That’s true. But my red and blue mapping, originally from the 2004 Election Map, is merely meant to reflect a state that’s “hot” to “hotter” (red to pink) for Bush vs. a state that’s “cool” to “cold” (blue to aqua) against Bush.

Now there are only the stalwart three – Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming – that can begrudgingly offer positive support for Bush. He’s even lost the South. And dislike of Bush has grown so intense that a few states fell off the edge of my “thermometer” that bottomed out at -45%. New York is at -51% and Rhode Island at -52%! Keep in mind that at -33%, two out of three people dislike you, and at -50%, three out of four. Could a state actually hit the four out of five (-60%) level within the year? I’ve extended my “thermometer” into the pale-aqua / off-white territory needed for -50%-ish ratings.

Bush now stands at a Weighted Net Approval of -31% (weighted by state populations, so California’s net -43% is weighted 77 times as much as Wyoming’s +1%)… so dang near two out of three people in this country dislike Bush.

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