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This cracked me up this morning. I was reading through the comments to TRex’s hilarious Late Nite post, and this comment from reader GRS made me laugh out loud.  Didn’t want it to get lost in the shuffle this morning, so I’m front paging it:

I still read a handful of college newspapers online (mostly Big 10 and MAC) and there tends to be a pattern. A handful of college Young Republicans who enjoy letter campaigns to the editor. No doubt the Republicanus studientus is a minority on college campuses, so in an effort for the editorial page to seem “balanced” or to seem like it’s “engaging in discussion” it continually reprints the talking point musings of a select minority. To the untrained eye, it just might seem like there are actual movements, but just read for a month or two and you’ll see the same names taking that repub talking point stance. So these same people who faithfully repeat the mantras to college newspapers get picked up to work on larger projects since they’re so good at regurgitation.

The Repub PR machine used to be so much more slick. There aren’t any exprienced pundits so now the fresh college faces are doing the repeats? Is the RNC press room what Young Republicans consider being in the trenches and on the front line? If you can survive the heat of seemlessly duplicating memos on the radio and on TV, then you deserve a respectful job just like any other veteran? It goes comething like this:

“Where’d you get that scar? Iraq ‘03? Afghanistan ‘02?

Naw, I was pulling a tour on Hannity and Colmes in ‘05. I was yelling and I was so agitated. It was a great performance. But button flew off my shirt in my fake flurry and clipped my eye. It still stings even though I know it’s healed. I lost a buddy back in Scarborough Country. I told him to memorize his cue cards! He wouldn’t listen. He fumbled his cards and lost his place. They had to go to commercial break. I still have nightmares. I’m one of the lucky ones…. I got an honorable discharge after that and I do what any other vet does… I’m a lobbyist for an oil company.”

Mwahahahahaha. Good one, GRS.

(This lovely photo was found via Wonkette.  Republican bacchanalia, indeed.)

UPDATE:  And here’s Gilliard (quoting Robert Farley at LG&M).  Go, read, be disgusted.  (H/T to reader CK on this one.)

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