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Princess Barbie Talibania: Arbiter of Appropriate Library Materials

What day is it today? The 16th? Let me check my calendar… good god! Has it really been weeks since Princess Barbie Talibania has done something noxiously anti-American in the service of the Fatherland’s emerging theocracy? Well, then, to the inbox we go… and whaddaya know. There’s my forbidden object of orange-tanned lust, shakin’ up the rabble in my own hometown of Nampa, Idaho, for a modern-day book burning. Ah, Brandi, Sie sind ein zutreffender Wert zum Vaterland!

Community and Faith Leaders Concerned About the Public Display of Sexually Graphic and Disturbing Books at the Nampa, Idaho Public Library

Some of the books contain naked explicit photos of sexual activity and one book, “The Joy of Gay Sex,” discusses bestiality, sado-masochism, Daddy/Son fantasies and fist ***king.

Friends, when I was first notified about these books by the Jackson family, I went to the Nampa library to see them for myself. I was assuming that it was probably not that big of a deal and that the books probably pertained to sexual health issues. But I have to tell you, I was shocked when I discovered what was in them. [So shocked I had to read all the books and scan every picture. Twice, just to be sure.] The sexually graphic images and the vulgarity and use of sexual slang were astonishing. What was even worse, it was not placed in the fiction section. [Which is where books on gay sex belong, because, you know, gay sex is something spun from whole cloth by the fevered imagination of Truman Capote.] It was about 10 feet from the teen section and on a shelf where a toddler could easily reach it. The Nampa library board has denied a request to put these books behind the counter. The next step is to go before Nampa City Council. It is our goal to work with the Mayor of Nampa and the City Council to resolve this issue and make sure that sexually graphic and explicit materials are not put in the hands of our children.

Instant poll time:

How many Nampa kids regularly hang out at the library trolling for explicit books and pictures of gay sex, because, after all, information like that is damn hard to find on the internet?

How many Nampa kids will now be trolling for explicit books now that the bible thumpers have alerted them to exactly where they are and what they contain?

Randy Jackson, a local Nampa parent, will speak to the Nampa City Council about this issue on Monday, May 15th , at 7:00 P.M.

Mr. Jackson, who has already spoken to Nampa Public Library Board of Directors comments, ” As a father of two young children in Nampa, I am deeply concerned about children having access to these incredibly graphic and disturbing books. As a local supporter of the library through my tax dollars, it is hard to understand how a book could be purchased and displayed which talks about bestiality and father/son sexual fantasies. Books should be available in the library which serve the common good of the entire community and best represent the standards and values of our community. I would hope that the public library would consider removing these books completely. However, at the very least, they should be kept behind the counter and out of the reach of young children.”

Mr. Jackson also commented, “Yo, dawg, a’ight, look, it was just a’ight for me, dawg. Not your best performance. But, yo, you know you’re in the Dawg Pound, a’ight? Yeah!” (Non-American-Idol Blenders… just ignore this one and read on…)

“Removing these books completely,” huh? So, then, adults should not have access to books at a public library that a vocal minority of sanctimonious prudes think might upset the children? Information should be censored to match the “standards and values” of the local Puritans, huh? Damn it, where are my jackboots and torches when I need them?

Brandi Swindell, National Director of Generation Life, states, “It must be stressed this is a public library with books purchased with public money. [And therefore, a small segment of the public should determine what the rest of the public is allowed to read.] As such, local citizens have the right and responsibility to share their concerns about the types of books that are purchased and how they are displayed. I think most citizens would be appalled if they knew their tax dollars were being spent on books discussing finding sex with people you meet over the Internet. Censorship is not an issue here. For clearly, the Nampa Public Library would never display books that supported racial intolerance or gave implicit instructions on how to engage in violent activity.”

You mean something awful like The Turner Diaries which advocate violent overthrow of the government by terrorist means in order to establish the White Christian Homeland, a book noted by many kooks (like Timothy McVeigh) as a sort of manifesto. Click the link and you, too, can place a hold on the first available copy that’s returned to the Nampa Public Library.

Now I can see where there is a problem if, say, the photo essays of gay sex are on the same shelf with Elmo Goes To School and The Cat In The Hat. I can even understand wanting to put the more explicit books in a more restricted area where kids can’t get to them. But remember, that’s not the American Taliban’s first impulse. They want those books banned, burned, or buried, and only when someone points out the resemblance of those acts to, er, mid-20th Century central European sociopolitical thought* do they even mention the “Plan B” of just having the books moved out of sight.

The proof is in the actions of Mr. & Mrs. Jackson leading up to the council meeting. Ms. Swindell dishes the details:

Randy and Lynette Jackson are concerned parents living in Nampa with 2 small children. When they discovered these sexually graphic and explicit materials, they felt that they could not leave these books in the library so others could be harmed. [Dang, what’s it called again when you take something from a library without checking it out? Anyone got a copy of Exodus 20:15 handy?] Because of this, they have been sent fines as well as a bill to cover the purchase of new copies of each of the books. Furthermore, because of their actions, the Library Board has revoked their membership.

Lynette is a homeschool mom [shock!] who is now unable to check out materials and books that she uses in educating her children. The Library Board has been punishing Randy and Lynette as they have been in the process of challenging these books.

How dare the Nampa Public Library issue fines and revoke the membership of people who steal books and don’t pay to replace them!

There we go. My monthly dose of Barbiemania. It’s the itch I can’t help but scratch (and like most itches, it is giving me a hideous rash.)

* It’s my New Years Resolution to faithfully observe Godwin’s Law and resist all attempts to paint anyone with the Nazi brush… but damned it the Cheneyburton Maladministration keeps making that tougher and tougher…

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