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Joe Lieberman: Ladies’ Man


Like so many men who suffer under the delusion that they are catnip to chicks, Enrique Suave Lieberman likes to boast what a friend he is to women.  As is often the case, the ladies do not agree.

First prominent women in the Connecticut pro-choice community came together to form Connecticut Choice Voice for the express purpose of backing Lamont.  Then Carolyn Treiss, current head of NARAL-CT, came out in support of Ned.  And now the National Organization for Women has endorsed him, too.

How many pro-choice groups have come out and endorsed Holy Joe on the heels of both his Alito vote and his friendly advice to rape victims about the "short trip" they all ought to be wiling to take to get emergency contraception?  Let me get my pencil out, do a bit of quick addition, that would be…none.

Bush’s favorite Democrat is that dweeb in the bar who finds himself irresistible.  Which is I suppose a good thing, since it looks like the ladies seem to be leaving him to enjoy his own company.

Saturday nights mean a stack of Playboys and a bottle of Night Train for you, geek boy.

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