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Ah the Smell of White Men Bloviating About Immigration In the Morning


Politics does indeed make strange…sorry I can’t say it, my fingers stand in rebellion.  But I must say that I heartily agree with the President and his merry band of unattractive whities when it comes to the issue of border security.  In his speech last night the Panty Sniffer in Chief talked about the horrible problem posed by the current border situation.  Talk about your terrorist threats.  What?  You surprised? Even David Neiwert agrees with me:

Why, if post-9/11 border security is such a suddenly serious concern, aren’t we sending the Guard to the Canadian border? — It is, after all our longest and most porous border, and its many open spots do not entail dangerous and potentially lethal desert crossings. Perhaps more to the point, the one terrorist who did try to sneak into the USA with explosives as part of a plot to attack a major metropolitan area was caught on the Canadian border. 

Ah well. We’re not accustomed to logic from this president anyway, especially when it’s a twofer: a good photo op and rescuing your poll standings with the base are all in the offing. Especially if you can do it with military troops in the picture. Too bad about those cuts in the Border Patrol staffing last year.

This has nothing at all to do with race, and to prove it we must immediately build a wall around Canada.  Perhaps the lactose intolerant will be wiling to take up arms and man the gates to stem the tide of unpasteurized cheese.

I also want to point out that per Glenn Greenwald, the authoritarian cultists who have valiantly contorted to excuse the president as he tortured, bombed, executed, snooped and shredded the constitution over the past five years have finally hit the wall and discovered the one thing they are not willing to defend him on — letting more brown people into the country who will most assuredly just pee in the pool.

We all have our limits, after all. 

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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