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Action Alert: Let’s Make Sure They ‘Get It’

             Crashing the Gate 

Many of our leaders in Congress are just beginning to catch up on the new American movement toward people-powered politics.  And so, members of the Roots Project decided to give them a little help.

In cooperation with Politics & Prose, an independent, non-partisan, fantastic local bookseller in Washington, D. C., they’ve set up the infrastructure to allow you to contribute to pay for a copy of Crashing the Gate to be given to every Democratic congressman and senator in Washington (at a 37% discount!).

Roots Project volunteers will pick up the books from Politics & Prose and deliver them in person, bringing their video cameras along for fun (stay tuned for more on that!  Do you think Joementum will feel the Nedrenaline?).  Their message to our Democratic politicians is, “Come join the parade, and get in front if you like!"

Here’s where you come in:  to make sure our Democratic leaders get our invitation to join the new American grassroots politics, please click here for instructions to buy a book for a congressman or senator.  It’s that simple.  We only need 250 books, so jump right in to take part in this historic action, conceived and wholly developed by Roots Project volunteers:  people just like you!

Here’s what the terrific, creative people who put this idea together have to say:

It’s time to invite the Democrats in Washington to join OUR party. What better introduction to the netroots to provide our representatives with than Jerome Armstrong and Markos Moulitsas’ Crashing the Gate. It is our hope that by introducing politicians to the blogosphere through Crashing the Gate, they will become more open to and more cognizant of the role blogs now play in American political discourse — and how we’re becoming a stronger force every day.

We’re going to hand deliver a copy of Crashing the Gate to every Democrat in the House and Senate on behalf of everyone who believes our elected representatives should be aware of the importance of people-powered politics.

What we need you to do is donate a copy of Crashing the Gate by following this link. Politics & Prose, an independent bookstore in D. C., has agreed to sell the book to us at a 37% discount. Once 250 copies of the book have been donated, we’ll take them directly to our senators and members of Congress.

We also need volunteers to help us deliver the books. If you’re interested in helping out with the delivery, please email jay AT ackroyd DOT org.

If you can spare a few bucks for a book, we can be sure our Democratic leaders will have a chance to learn a little lesson in people-powered politics. 

Let’s work together to make sure they “get it!” 

UPDATE from RH:  Reader Terre was kind enough to cross-post this as a KOS diary.  Please take a minute or two and go over to give it a recommend — thanks much!

Update II:  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED  4:47 PM EST, 05/17/06.  More information coming soon.  THANK YOU ALL!

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