The DaHewitt Code

I know that Hugh Hewitt is all Catholic and stuff, but he certainly has his XXL tighty-whitey’s in a bunch over the The DaVinci Code. On his blog:

Maybe It’s Not Any Good

The DaVinci Hustle, Part 3: Memo to Tom Hanks

Tom: Careful now. The Saturday Night Live skit was great fun, and the “”It’s only a movie,” works.


It is difficult to use the “it is only a movie” argument when mixed up with “dialogue is good” and “creepy censors want to shut us down” arguments.

The almost universally liked Hanks doesn’t need to get into the theological debate that Dan browns likes to fan. Stick to the obvious –it is an absurd piece of invention that makes for a fun thriller– and all will be well.

Hanks should read the Roberts’ series if he wants to understand why some very centrist, learned Christians are concerned about the book’s posturings.

….and then there is this from USA Today:

“The movie will come and go. It’s the book, with its bizzaro Christianity, that’s more troubling,” says radio talk-show host Hugh Hewitt, author of several books on conservative religion and politics.

“In an era of almost pre-literacy when it comes to theology, a lot of lousy ideas and bad history smuggle themselves in and then get repeated endlessly.

“It’s not the devil at work,” Hewitt says. “It’s capitalism’s way of enriching fraud.”

Apparently capitalism hates Painting The Map Red, but never mind that. If you really want to know what is behind Hewitt’s antipathy towards The DaVinci Code, I have two words for you:

Evil Albino

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