These are a few of my favorite things

Most times, particularly when you’re reading articles about popular movies or music, it is pretty much a given that you’re not going to learn any thing that you need to know. You just read the articles for their People magazine quotient; that ankle-deep splashing in the intellectual shallows. A good example would be any article written about American Idol. Craig Berman must ponder his career every night before staring longingly at the full bottle of sleeping pills.

Every once in awhile one of these articles will offer up something that is way too good to pass up. Something so inadvertently original and memorable that it belongs on a t-shirt or a gravestone. I never read the article below this headline because I didn’t want it to tarnish the memory of the moment:

Spokesman says film is 68th movie since 1960 to feature evil albino

I salute you Mr. MSNBC headline writer guy.

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