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While Chimpy is talking about our porous southern border…

The bleating BS coming out of his mouth tonight is up here.


You have to wonder in the hell Dear Leader can say to defend the embarrassingly wide open conditions at the border with Canada, which are so bad that the Security-Guard-In-Chief needs to be fired for incompetence.

Read about this ludicrous situation, which aired on Anderson Cooper 360: 24 Hours on the Border. (CNN transcript):

COOPER: We’re following “24 Hours on the Border.” It’s now late afternoon, and we take you to the northern border with Canada, some 5500 miles long, many parts of it unprotected.

CNN’s Gary Tuchman shows us one border crossing where entering the U.S., legally or not, is no trouble at all.

TUCHMAN (voice-over): It’s late afternoon, rush hour in many places. But not here. On this desolate roadway in the Canadian province of Manitoba where a monument separates Manitoba on the left from Minnesota on the right, a sign warns that you’re about to arrive to the official U.S. border checkpoint. And then there it is — the Jim’s Corner Immigration Customs Reporting Station. Which looks like a shack and operates on the honor system.

Two sheriffs on the American side are not happy about it.

(On camera): What percentage of people in general do you believe check in there?

DALLAS BLOCK, SHERIFF, LAKE OF THE WOODS COUNTY: I believe it’s less than 30 percent. Maybe even far less than that.

TUCHMAN: When we entered Lake of the Woods County, Minnesota, from Canada, we went through the rather unorthodox process.

Folks, this is almost worse than having no system at all — a f*cking videophone.

(On camera): Push the call, push the American flag.

Inside the shack, a videophone connected to a border agent 50 miles away. Hello, U.S. Customs. I’m at the Jim’s Corner. My name is Gary Tuchman. I think you’ll find I have a clean record.

The agent looks at you through the camera, and you look at the agent. What is your name?


TUCHMAN: Hello, Officer Johnson.

(Voice-over): Officer Johnson would have no way of knowing if people were just driving by the shack without stopping, which indeed often happens because many honorable people can’t be bothered with the videophone that often doesn’t work. (On camera): I’m going to hold you up my passport first. Can you see it?


TUCHMAN: That’s me.

…(On camera): It is your professional opinion that terrorists have gone through Angle Inlet into the mainland United States?


TUCHMAN: And that’s through intelligence you have?

BLOCK: Yes. We have pretty accurate, pretty reliable intelligence that that has happened. I don’t think Osama bin Laden’s going to check in there, but. So you’re really on your honor system.

I’m sitting here listening to the President’s horrid speech on securing our southern border. Kate says “ping” every time he says any version of “security” in lieu of a drinking game.

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