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Via Shakes Sis, yet another Jesus in NatureTM sighting — the root of a dead ten-year-old asparagus plant in the U.K. How long before it’s up on eBay?

I went to the original story and it included some of the other “sightings”:

1978: Maria Rubio made a burnt tortilla, which resembled the mournful face of Jesus Christ. 8,000 curious pilgrims treked to her house in rural New Mexico to view the sacred icon.

1981: Christ appears, crucified on a garage door in California, caused by reflections from two street lights that had merged with shadows of a bush and a real-estate sign.

1987: Jesus appears on the chimney of a suburban bowling alley in Chicago. The four-foot image is formed from rusting metal.

1989: Thousands flocked to a home in north-east Harris County, Texas, to view a linoleum table top reflecting the image of Jesus.

1991: Jesus made national news as the centerpiece of a Pizza Hut billboard in Atlanta. The image of Jesus’ face was found in strands of spaghetti hanging from a fork.

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