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There is a whole lot of news swirling around today in all different directions, but there have been a whole lot of bits and pieces that made me pause and go…Hmmmm…and I thought it would do the same for everyone else as well.

— Did you know that this evening’s address by President Bush is his very first one on domestic policy issues in his entire Presidency?  (Via Froomkin)

— And then there was this from the WaPo’s political chat today:

Miami, Fla.: The blogs are abuzz with reports of Karl Rove’s impending (some say actual)indictment. What’s the story?

Tom Edsall: I think we will know very soon, perhaps as soon as early afternoon. No guarantee, however.

Well, talk about your noncommittal bit of potential news or non-news — does Edsall know anything or is he just guessing about stuff he read over the weekend?  And wouldn’t that be nice to know?   The NYSun says no truth to the Rove indictment rumors.   And the Detroit Free Press has a report on some trial lawyers in Michigan who may, or may not, have gotten a little too excited a little too early.  MSNBC’s blog reporter says he spoke with folks at and they are standing by their sourcing on the Rove story — and I think we’ll all get some answers in the next few days.  (If everyone can wait that long, given the high level of anticipation and frenzy of posting on this over the weekend…)

As I said over the weekend about this particular story — I’m not hearing anything firm from any of my sources one way or the other.  I can neither prove nor disprove any rumors that are out there regarding Rove’s status.  I’m reading the same stuff that you guys are, and am just waiting to see what happens unless and until I hear something further from any of my sources (or unless Jane gets a tip from one of hers).  We try to only report on things we confirm ourselves and if that puts us behind the curve, well so be it. 

— What, exactly, has changed so much about immigration issues in the last couple of weeks (other than House Republicans being willing to yell publicly at the Bush Administration) that requires us to put National Guard troops on the border with Mexico (and not Canada, btw) — at a time when so many of these troops are already dealing with battle fatigue and stress issues?  Especially with fire season in high gear in the Wesetern US, flooding in the northeast and hurricane season around the corner in the Gulf Coast and South — and all states feeling the strain of national guard deployment to Iraq to cover Rumsfeld’s behind?  Is anyone else thinking FUBAR?  (UPDATE:  Also, is anyone in the media going to ask Governors from these states how they feel?  Let alone report on any of the problems that guard recruiters are now having in filling their rosters because of overuse in Iraq — and now thousands of miles from their own homes in the US?)

— Biting the hand that doesn’t feed you quickly enough?  Say it isn’t so, Rev. Dobson.

— Why is Wolf Blitzer running a countdown clock to the Presidential Address?  And why have reporters on MSNBC been making a big deal all day about how many times the President has had to practice his speech?  THIS is important news?  (Along with the Duke rape indictments, which are national news why exactly?  And the evil alligators in Florida — again, national news why?  Hello, wake up.)

Via Atrios, this just in: Karl Rove, not so truthful.

— Oh, and Negroponte?  Not so truthful, either.  Can’t the media just start calling them liars now?

(I found this lovely photo on an online gallery that deserves some serious time for perusal.  Very well done, indeed.)

UPDATE:  Crappo headline of the day from the WaPo:  "Rove Supports Bush’s Border Control Policy."  Well, DUH?!?   This just in:  Pickles thinks hand-picked audiences at GOP fundraisers like her husband’s policies, too.  Shocking. 

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