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The Corner Kidz react to their President-

Mark Krikorian:

The more appropriate headline would be “More Mush from the Wimp.”

Doughy Pantload:

He might even have gained a smidgen among Hispanic Americans (i.e. citizens of Hispanic descent) who’ve probably been unusually anti-Bush in recent polls. But, again, I think the biggest reason he won’t go down is because he doesn’t have much room to go much lower

Kate O’Beirne:

President Bush was carefully re-calibrating his “family values don’t stop at the border” approach to the issue of illegal immigration, but given the neglect of the past five years when he talks about the imperative to control our borders his new emphasis isn’t too convincing.

K-Lo two’fer:

I’m told Keith Olberman just asked Chris Matthews if this is some scheme to draw down troops in Iraq and save face.


A political-junkie friend who I can always count on to find the political silver lining if there is one just said to me: “Tonight could be the first fully televised political suicide in history. I don’t even want to watch.”

Was that as good for you as it was for me?

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