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Michael Savage is a sick bastard

Sheila Kuehl… is one of the chief reasons you must never elect an overt, pushy lesbian or homosexual to any office. They are obsessed with their sexuality. They will only think of their sexuality. They will only work for their sexual ends. They will not think about national security. They will only think of gay security, gay security, gay security, gay security, gay propaganda, gay propaganda, gay security, gay security. And that is why, in the past, when this country was more sane, homosexuals were not hired by the State Department, nor by the Defense Department. It was well-known what would happen.

— lowlife Michael Savage, going for broke on his radio show.

And that’s just what he said about homos. Latinos and Jews got a nice bashing as well for good measure. What a guy. (Media Matters):

Discussing the immigration debate on May 10, Savage stated that “our brown brethren, who are so nationalistic and so anti-gringo and anti-Anglo,” are not “as enlightened as the European-American.” Warning that “the European-American, or the white person, is being erased from America’s future,” Savage doubted that “minorities, when they take over the country, will be quite as benevolent and as enlightened as the European-Americans today.”

…Later in the May 11 broadcast, Savage smeared Albright for wanting to open a diplomatic dialogue with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Savage referred to Albright as “a woman who not only was distasteful physically, but is distasteful mentally.” He then added: “This hag, this hack, this brisket maker has the audacity to say that we should have a dialogue with the Hitler of our time. Coming from that hag who happens to be Jewish is a triple disgrace.”

Tonight, according to a commenter in another thread, he was at it again, saying “homosexuals” are “filthy vermin.” He’s got a first amendment right to say whatever the hell he wants, but he doesn’t have to get paid for doing so — why does this man have any sponsors for his show when he bleats out filth like this? What company would want to be affiliated with this man’s rantings?

You can listen to this bullsh*t here. Media Matters has corporate contact info, including Talk Radio Network.

I don’t have a current advertiser list, but I hope someone gets one together.

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