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Calling Porter Goss…


Reading over the latest Fitzgerald filing, it’s clear the noose is getting precipitously tighter.  It’s going to be awfully hard for Scooter’s attorneys to spin stuff like this:

The July 14 Chicago Sun Times column by Mr. Novak is relevant because on the day the article was  published, a CIA official was asked in the defendant’s presence, by another person in the OVP, whether that CIA official had read that column.  (The CIA official had not.)   At some time thereafter, as discussed briefly at the March 5 oral argument, the CIA official discussed in the defendant’s presence the dangers posed by disclosure of the CIA affiliation of one of its employees as had occurred in the Novak column.  This evidence directly contradicts the defense position that the defendant had no motive to lie because at the time of his interview and testimony the defendant thought that neither he nor anyone else had done anything wrong.  Moreover, the evidence rebuts the defense assertion that the defendant could have easily forgotten his conversations with reporters Cooper and Miller on July 12 if he learned of the potential consequences of such disclosures as a result of the publication of the Novak column on July 14.  Instead the evidence about the conversation concerning the Novak column provides a strong motivation for the defendant to provide false information and testimony about his disclosures to reporters.

After reading over the May 5 hearing transcripts (brilliantly detailed by Christy in Pt. 1 and Pt. 2) Scooter seems to have four lines of defense:  1) I forgot, 2) I had no reason to lie, 2) everybody else is lying, and 4) I’m a very busy man and it just wasn’t important enough for me to notice.  All of these are looking pretty anemic right now.

The White House must live in abject fear of every new Fitzgerald filing.  The fact that Cheney’s own handwriting is all over a copy of Joe Wilson’s NYT op ed is exceptionally damning.   It includes the statement "Do we ordinarily send people out pro bono to work for us?  Or did his wife send him on a junket?"  But Cheney already knew back in June that the CIA was saying that Wilson’s wife may have had a role in sending him, it wasn’t news to him when this article came out on July 6.  These were marching orders, not a question.  

Someone call Porter Goss, I think Dead Eye’s having a Blue Dress Moment.

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