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Blinded by lack of science

The mind-boggling, anti-science freakshows proudly keep coming out of the woodwork

A Christian author and biblical apologist is dismissing a Vatican astronomer’s claim that six-day creationists are embracing a form of “pagan superstition.” Vatican astronomer Guy Consolmagno recently told The Scotsman newspaper that creationism is a “kind of paganism” akin to the idea of “nature gods,” who pagans believed were responsible for things like thunder and lightning.

Dr. Ron Carlson is the founder and president of Christian Ministries International and a frequent speaker at Worldview Weekend conferences. Carlson says Consolmagno’s comments are not surprising considering that, for a century, the Catholic Church has taught that evolution is how God created the world over millions of years — a stance affirmed by the pope last year. Referring to the Vatican astronomer, the Christian apologist says he is “always fascinated” by people who were not present at the time of creation, yet “have the arrogance to think that they know more than the infinite, eternal Creator who was at creation and Who tells us very clearly that in six days He made the world and everything that was in it.”

Carlson contends that Consalmagno, who works in the Vatican observatory in Arizona and as curator of the Vatican Meteorite collection in Italy, embraces naturalistic evolution — and that examples of paganism and superstition can be seen at the Vatican itself. “All that you have to do is read the new Catholic catechism, [which] says Christ’s death was not sufficient to forgive us of our sins — that everyone will go to purgatory to purge themselves of sin,” he states. Carlson also says he recently saw a Jesuit scholar on the Catholic Eternal Word Television Network declare “it is a dangerous thing to go to Bible studies where they use only the Bible.”

It’s interesting to see a return to the glory days of fundie Catholic bashing; they’ve been bed buddies of late over birth control, abortion and homos, but as you can see, that’s not enough for some of these bible-beaters to jump the broom with them.

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