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The GOP corruption continues – Kentucky style

Anti-gay, dim-bulb Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher is in a heap of trouble.

After months of speculation and intrigue, a special grand jury investigating the state government’s hiring practices indicted Gov. Ernie Fletcher on three misdemeanor charges of conspiracy, official misconduct and political discrimination.

…Although he said he had no plans to step down from office, Fletcher acknowledged the indictments were “a disappointment.”

“But it’s not going to let us take us off our game,” he added.

This is the same knobend that turned up in my post, Kentucky governor celebrates ‘diversity day’ by cutting gays from anti-bias law. In that case, Fletcher’s ballsy move was to sign an executive order removing sexual orientation from the state’s anti-discrimination laws because he was concerned that it included transgender protection — because it would create a problem with bathroom accommodations.

The kicker is that he then gave a speech to students on Diversity Day, saying “It is our diversity that gives us strength.”

If he goes to the slammer, he’ll get a nice taste of a diversity if he’s in gen pop.

Hat tips Holly and David

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Pam Spaulding